Cook Today App

Case Study

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Project Overview

Date Fall 2023

Cook Today is a recipe app designed for busy individuals passionate about cooking but lacking time to search for recipes. It streamlines the process, saving valuable time for users seeking quick and convenient access to recipes.

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The Problem

The inspiration for this app stemmed from my own journey of wanting to explore new recipes while facing the challenge of finding them easily. I realized I wasn't alone in this dilemma.
I envisioned an app that effortlessly suggested diverse recipes while also offering the fun surprise of generating random ones, spanning appetizers, breakfasts, and main Dishes. This ensured I never got stuck in a culinary rut with repetitive options.

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The Solution

In crafting this app, I embarked on a journey of gathering recipe data through thorough research. This involved curating a collection of my favorite appetizers, breakfasts, and main courses, as well as discovering intriguing new recipes to explore. I meticulously compiled essential details such as ingredients, cooking directions, nutritional information, and captivating images to enhance the recipe experience.
I also took the time to brainstorm design ideas, focusing on elements like color palette, font selection, and layout. These considerations were crucial in ensuring the app's visual appeal and giving it a sleek and polished appearance.
Transitioning to the development phase, I meticulously prepared the files for integration into SwiftUI software. This entailed creating a robust object structure to house all the collected data efficiently. I then fine-tuned the organization of data within the objects array, ensuring seamless display of diverse information types.
Continuing with the development process, I crafted individual files for each view, including the recipe storage file and the main view. The initial view welcomes users with an enticing photo and a clear pathway to further exploration through a strategically placed button. The main view boasts a dynamic list that dynamically populates the categories view with rich content.
Navigating through the app, users can effortlessly access the recipes list, and upon selecting a recipe, they are treated to a detailed view, providing comprehensive insights into each culinary delight.

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The Result

In the end, I'm thrilled to say that I've crafted a fully functional food recipe app that's ready to delight users. One of the exciting features I've implemented is a toggle function, powered by JavaScript, which reveals recipes with just a click. Plus, I've added a 'Surprise Me' button for those spontaneous culinary adventures!
This project was definitely a challenge, but I'm proud of how it pushed me beyond my previous limits. Below, you'll find some snapshots of the rest of the app.

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